Jean-Martial Dubois

Jean-Martial Dubois


Jean-Martial Dubois was born in 1969.
At the age of 17, he left school prematurely for Decorative Arts in Geneva.
The illustration, graphic design, art history, the scenario, the painting will be his daily for 5 years in a row. At 26, he began his career as a freelance in Lyon.
It now has a workshop on the slopes of the Croix Rousse and 4 skills : painter - decorator - cartoonist - teacher. Semifinals ... His dream world grows gradually. He pays close attention to Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Fauvism and Garouste ... JMD going to the border of the abstract, where there is no more reason or anecdote. In a stormy night he turned back valiantly, he is too attached to the story and humor.
Then it was the turn of events of the use as a cartoonist to animate the company party agencies. In this marathon quick portraits, sometimes bordering on virtuoso dexterity. And there are witnesses. This book of humorous drawings parallel the specialized press and institutions such as the ANPE, the Caisse d'Epargne, the CRAM, is noted for his sense of humor.
At 36: Publication of the book "Drawings mood" compilation at once poetic and caustic.
Two years later, in 2008, he won the prize "Cognac" at the International Biennial of Drawing humor Jonsac. Since 2010, Jean-Martial Dubois teaches comics at the Louvre Museum.
Most recently, its theme "rooftops at night," won again : "in the city, there is two ways of being on the sidelines and free. There basements or rooftops. I chose the Stars...

Now Jean-Martial Dubois presents 23 drawings of Paris

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