Kasia Nowak

Kasia Nowak


I come from Poland and I love to discover cities of Europe and make photos of the architecture. My favorite way to be in the unknown city is to take the way straight ahead, with no maps or guides, just like if I was an inhabitant. I am just starting to learn the city of Paris, I am quite new there. And I started some BD project there too, with cooperation of a French drawer. Because I am going to be in Paris a few times, that’s why I have the idea to draw this city which scares me with its grandeur, just to tame it

Now Kasia Nowak presents 6 drawings of Paris

Blog : http://lapolack.blogspot.fr/


The illustrations by Kasia Nowak on Dessine-Moi-Paris.com


  Adrien Berger  

   Paul Spriet