Musée Rodin

7ème arrondissement

The Rodin Museum is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Hotel Biron in the Rue de Varenne is dedicated to the conservation of works of sculptor Auguste Rodin since 1919 A second area is located in Meudon. Welcoming 700,000 visitors a year, the Rodin Museum is one of the most important French museums. The Rodin Museum mainly exhibits sculptures, drawings, paintings and old photographs. The construction of the hotel dates back to 1730. Several artists, including Auguste Rodin, are allowed to invest the building to make their workshops. are allowed to invest the building to make their workshops. In 1911, the government bought the estate while Rodin decides to sell its collections on the condition that a museum is dedicated to his work.

Illustrations of Musée Rodin


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